Here comes the feeling of dissatisfaction, especially with the type of environment I am getting here at work and with life. So close to resignation, so near to quitting. There are so many factors to consider but hey, I should keep my thoughts final. By the time that you reach my age, I am telling you – do not be afraid to stop and reflect at yourself. Who are you now? Where are you? Why are you living? This is not a question related to what they call quarter life crisis, this is the question about your value. Either you continue with the present or plan for the future. But truth be told, I learned something beyond measurable from these hesitations and second thoughts, from these ‘what ifs” of growing alone.

Early this year, I re-evaluated my purpose of working and living, and it’s nice to think you’re doing it for your family, your siblings, your future – but what awakened me is the fact that the future has not arrived yet, it’s still in the process of being done. By who? By me. By us. I realized I should focus on the present. What is here? Now. Not yesterday. I mean, today. There are so many things to enjoy and explore in the present without wondering of what is next and what is left. No, I am not telling you to be in the moment of life and spend a lot, that’s not how things should go (especially for a middle-class gent like me). I just want you to look around and see what it really essential. What makes you happy? What makes you live?

Through the course of re-evaluating my life, I started cutting down some things. In less than four months, I found myself doing less. Less travel, more sleep. Less regrets, more optimism. Less spending, more saving. Less talking, more understanding. Less Facebook/Instagram, more time for reading/writing. Less does not mean you eliminate it. Less means you minimize the cause and do more of what is essential. I made time (more time) for the people around me that it overwhelms me so much how organize I become day by day.

In most cases, we feel overpressured by the chances we did not take because we fear we can’t make it in the future, but if we will work on what is relevant to us today and continue doing good, avoiding distractions, we will eventually learn to go with life and let go of the odd feelings. Never regret your decisions while being mindful of your choices.

This makes me happy.

Simplicity is never simple, but it can be done.


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