It has been 2 years and a half since I started roaming around the country, but I haven’t got this chance to share to everyone my story, my adventures, my learning towards the process of moving here and there, and wherever. I have been to more than twenty mountains, forty provinces and one hundred islands – different cities, different languages, and different cultures yet never have I told anyone about this wonderful experience with traveling.


Backpacker. Itinerant. Traveler. We are all the same. We are individuals looking for extra adventures. Something that excites us every time we managed to score cheap flights through Traveloka or other promos from different airline companies. Something that we look forward to every time a travel video shows up in our social media feeds. Something that equals genuine happiness. Traveling has been a part of our goals, a goal that changes our lives every single day.

“How traveling made a difference in our life?”

“How did you spend Php 6, 000 for six days?”

“Why do you love to travel alone?”


Travel has completely changed me in so many ways, in different aspects of life. I remember my old self years from now and how much discipline and learning I have gained since I started backpacking. These things affected me most throughout this amazing journey.

We are not alone. I do a lot of solo backpacking, but I never felt like I am alone. Traveling has taught me to trust every single person I meet along the way. These individuals have the same passion as yours to see the outdoors, explore the world and embrace the differences in races, cultures, religions and beliefs. They have the same drive like yours, to promote and expose to the rest of the community what a certain destination has to offer which is unique from one place to the other. Traveling opened the doors to acceptance and belongingness. It made me realize that there are genuine friendships in traveling, there are locals and foreign tourists you can make good memories with and share stories with – through kindness and compassion. I am humbled by this fact.


We can do what we think we can’t. I agree. Who would have thought that an ordinary guy back in college would climb the mountains, love the sea and chase the waterfalls? I did not expect that I will be this spontaneous. I have overcome my fear of swimming in the depths of the sea. Fear is the enemy of joy, and this is true. Traveling gave me the courage to step out of what is safe and certain, to continue being passionately curious, to love the outdoors and most importantly, to give back.


The world is ours, and she needs us. The world has so much to offer, so many things to share. We are free to go anywhere. We are living in a wonderful planet and as human, we must take care of it. Traveling has opened my consciousness about the serious damages to our natural resources in this present time. Traveling is not just about wandering. While we are helping the community by promoting tourism, it is also a social responsibility for everyone to take part on the restoration of natural resources and conservation of ecosystems so we can guarantee the existence of every living specie for the next generation to enjoy. I know that it is complex, but a simple act of preventing it from destruction makes a big difference.


In life, we must always look at the bigger perspective so we can do more, help more. One must not look at traveling as a luxury, or a status symbol. It is a way of life. It is a form of redirecting us to what we are and who we can be. Regardless of how many places you have visited, or how often you take trips, if you’re not learning then it means nothing. If you are not growing, then it’s not helping.

The most rewarding part of traveling are not the photos but the people – their stories, their differences, and their visions of life. In traveling, there is no mistake. If you get lost, it’s okay. Friendships transpire without you getting categorized. We may not speak the same language, we may not have the same religion, but we are all connected. We are one.

Travel far, or near. Travel here and there.

Always remember that home is still the best place ever.

Now, how did travelling changed you?

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