So you’re all set for your next destination. Vacation leaves were already approved and you have now enough budget. Now, what to do next? Ready the things that you need to bring, but why should we pack less? Here are the benefits:


Control. Yes, you will have full control of the things that you bring. This allows you easy access of what you need quick when you’re on the move, be it inside the bus or on top of the mountain. If you are finding something inside your bag and its dark, you won’t worry about waking up everyone. It also saves time. Often our bags end up messy and disorganized after a long day, and it consumes our time to fix again the stuff that have been cluttered.


Flexible. It’s easier to carry a small bag for longer distances especially if it requires you to transfer from one bus to another. It saves your energy, and helps you maintain a light-footed pace if you doing a city tour or climbing a mountain. Imagine yourself running or trying to catch that flight and you have a heavy load? Haha. One more thing, it is less likely you hit someone with your bag as you turn around on crowded places.


Hand carry. Now this is something I always do – no check-in baggage. It’s one of the benefits I enjoy the most because you do not have to worry about a lost luggage or wasting time at baggage claim. You’ll also get extra spaces for souvenirs like postcards or keychains. Masaya kana, masaya pa ang buong pamilya.


Security. Of course, even if you are legit traveler, you do not want to roam around an area with a big bag full of dead load. Yes, it’s better if you pack less especially when travelling alone because a big bag catches too much attention. This means you can keep an eye on your belongings at all times while it is with you, protecting you much more from the possibility of being robbed. It also lessens the possibility of damaging your bag and items inside.


Healthy. You pack only the essentials. Of course, toiletries and other stuff which only costs you a little cash should be bought when in your destination. Your back, shoulders and feet will appreciate it. If you’re carrying so much load, then your feet starts to feel pain, I guess you’ll have a short time enjoying the views. Masakit yan bes.


Smiles. You’ll get compliments from other friends (who carry a lot of dead load) on how light you are traveling. It’s a good feeling sharing your practices to other backpackers. Sabihin mo din, kalimutan ang nakaraan. Haha!


I’ll try to finish another blog later on how to pack light and what other things you mustn’t forget on your next adventure.

Kailangan ko muna mag-move on. Haha!


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