How to save for your next adventure? This is very essential, a budget for your next destination. It’s always a challenge to manage our expenses and come up with an amount that we can use to survive another trip. So here are some reminders:


Know your priorities. Of course we must not compromise our responsibilities, bilang asawa o bilang anak. Haha. We must always consider those things which are more important than anything else (electric and water bills, wifi, budget sa bahay, tuition fee ni bunso, gatas ni baby, atbp.) unless you are lucky enough to enjoy the perks of being rich. Regardless of which social class you fall under, make sure you still save up for your next trips, pakonti-konti. Gawing alkansya ang lumang lata ng Pringles.


Minimize your luxuries. While the date of your next travel is fast approaching, of course it is your sole duty and responsibility to prepare your budget and make the most out of your monthly pay, or baon. Sometimes, we must avoid some of the comforts of life which goes beyond of what are necessary. Seryoso ako dito, lalo na impulsive buyer din ako. If you don’t need it, leave it. Umiwas sa malls. One technique I can share is to bring only enough cash going to work. Iwasan mo rin magpaswipe sa katrabaho mo, haha.


Review your itinerary. Always remember that your activities eats up most of your budget compared to your food and transportation, unless you are the opposite. I know that you want to squeeze in all the tourist spots in one go but take note of some things during your travel which will surely be uncontrollable. Evaluate the places you want to visit. You don’t want to see yourself na sa biyahe nalang natutulog, no no no way. It’s okay to lessen the places you want to see, madalas naman magpromo ang airlines. Tandaan, mahirap nang maiwan bes.


At some point you might think that you’ve been depriving yourself with some things which in the first place, you can afford. A cup of coffee. A slice of pizza. But hey, these are just reminders on how you can save for your next vacation. Mas okay kaya na di humihingi kay Tatay ng panggala. And I tell you, this will also enhance you as young individuals to give more value to what you have, what you are earning and what you are giving. At the end of each travel, it’s best to know you survived and enjoyed a long day without spending much.

Hardwork at matinding kakuriputan muna kapatid.

Sabi nga ni Tito Henry David Thoreau, “I make myself rich by making my wants few.”


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