“I am fine alone.”


That’s what we say when our friends ask us why we travel solo. What they do not know is, traveling alone makes us more productive and relaxed as it give us all the freedom to try and do every activity that we listed in our itinerary. It also allows us to maximize our budget and our time to explore the areas that we wanted to see. Isn’t an achievement, personally, to have wandered a place you are not familiar with and enjoy the moments, keep them all to yourself and have known something first-hand? I know its a bit selfish, pero sinasabi ko talaga sa inyo, iba ang feeling eh.


Of course, there will be some parts of your trips that you’d wish you have at least one friend or family member you can share your joys upon reaching a specific historical tourist attraction, or an undiscovered waterfalls, or a calm beach. Mahirap kase talaga magtagpo ang mga schedules, haha! But after a long day, you still see yourself satisfied dahil nakaya mo, kinaya mo. What’s more important, you met new people, you had your firsts, sometimes you fail, get lost, but be thankful that you learned. Given na yung risk, alam natin ‘yan. Sabi nga nila, you only live once.


Sabi ko rin, enjoy while it lasts.

Nako, umuulan nanaman sa Pampanga.


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