Who doesn’t love a long vacation? Everyone wants to enjoy and relax and I bet you all want it to last at least three to five days? Tama, haha. But how do we achieve a long break away from school or our daily jobs? Here are some helpful tips.


Love your rest days. Yes! Rest day may not be literally a “rest day” for many since this two-day break from stressful stuff is somehow a reward for most of us. And what do we do during rest days? Rest? No, we travel. Where? Yan ang tanong, haha. Some prefer to do a day hike while others want to see the sea. No matter where you are going, I am sure you’ll love Batangas, Pangasinan, La union, or Rizal for a day. In fact, these areas are very accessible, kayang-kaya yan bes.


Hello holidays. Of course we get the privilege to have breaks during holidays, and it is very fortunate for some (yes, di ako counted) to have this days next to their rest days. Napakaswerte. In this case, it gives you more time to explore a specific area, and even visit those far North, or down south provinces. You may go camping, spelunking, even waterfalls chasing. Napakaswerte talaga, haha! I guess, Baguio, Quezon Province, Laguna and Mindoro are good choices. Chill ka lang.


Thank you, teacher. Term break, semester breaks? Whatever you call it, it’s still another “break” you can get from school. Ang saya talaga maging estudyante. Let’s include here class suspensions, Intramurals, Foundation days? Haha. Everything, as a student, you get to enjoy this and it also gives you opportunities to travel. Try to visit Tagaytay, Pampanga, Aurora or roam around Manila. Oh diba? Well, I just wish your teachers (oo, kasama kayo dito, haha) doesn’t give you loads of school projects and case studies habang sila nakabakasyon din. Oh how I miss college days.


Vacation leaves. This is something that is very obvious for some employed individuals. You have super powers to plan ahead your travel dates provided you have enough vacation leave credits. Iniipon yan, parang pasensiya. Most of the time, we used them during our birthdays, para pak na pak ang ten-day vacation kahit domestic or international pa yan. Very popular destinations are Cebu, Bohol, Davao, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia. Multi-city, no problem. Abot-kamay na ang paglalagalag sa Indochina. You save your leaves, you file them, the worst thing that could happen (wag naman sana) ay hindi sila ma-approve. Gano’n talaga bes, you can’t have it all.


So there mga friends, some of the most efficient ways to get a long vacation. As I’ve said earlier, it doesn’t matter where you are going, or who you are with, remember that the best destination of our lives is our own home.

P.S. Dalasan ang dasal.


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